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Open Subtitles FlixTools alternatives


  • was developed for easy downloading and uploading subtitles for movies. It supports some unique functions:

    tags: browser-extension subtitle-search-engine subtitles
  • Subscene

  • Subscene is a site where you can find subtitles for almost any movie or TV and movie show in almost any language.

    tags: search-subtitles srt subtitles subtitles-download
  • SolEol

  • Subtitle Download and Upload Tool. Relies on OpenSubtitles as its subtitle database.

    tags: Discontinued opensubtitles subtitles
  • SubDownloader

  • SubDownloader is a program for automatic download/upload subtitles for videofiles (DIVX,MPEG,AVI,VOB,etc) and DVDs using fast hashing. Free for Mac and Linux. 30 days shareware trial for Windows.

    tags: subtitles subtitles-download search-subtitles
  • VLSub

  • VLSub is a simple extension for your VLC Media Player. It downloads subtitles from and play them as your open your movies.

    tags: subtitles subtitles-download search-subtitles vlc-extension
  • Addic7ed

  • Subtitles for TV shows and movies.

    tags: search-subtitles subtitles subtitles-download
  • PySubD

  • PySubD (Python Subtitle Downloader) is an extremely easy to use, cross-platform, free (as in beer and freedom) automatic subtitle downloader for your Movies and TV Series.

    tags: Portable download-manager subtitles

  • DragAndWatch is a free desktop application for Mac and PC that allows you to get your favorite subtitles by dragging and dropping your file in the app.

    tags: subtitles subtitles-download
  • SubiT

  • With SubiT, you can download subtitles for your favorite movies and series by just right clicking them and executing SubiT.

    tags: subtitles-download

  • Download the latest TV series subtitles.

    tags: movies sub subtitles tv-shows
  • EvilSubs

  • Automatic subtitles downloader using Matches and downloads subtitles according language preferences. Periodically checks again if a match has not been found.

    tags: subtitles opensubtitles