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  • Zamzar

  • Free conversion online of many type of documents (images, text, video, audio...), and download from video platforms (youtube etc.).

    tags: file-converter images media-converter rest-api support-for-amazon-s3
  • Free File Converter

  • Using Free File Convert you can convert your files into different formats. Perfect conversion pdf to word with formatted rows. No registration.Convert Document, Image, Audio and Video Files from one format to another. See the supported formats:

    tags: audio-conversion file-converter html-to-pdf image-converter media-converter
  • UniPDF

  • Standalone and easy-to-use, UniPDF performs accurate conversion from PDF files to word documents (doc/rtf), images (JPG/PNG/BMP/TIF/GIF/PCX/TGA), HTML, or plain text files (txt) in batch mode, with all document texts, layouts, images and formatting ideally preserved.

    tags: batch-conversion multi-language pdf-conversion pdf-to-html pdf-to-image
  • youconvertit

  • Free online video conversion and download (Youtube, Google video, Metacafe), any media file format conversion (Documents, Images, Audio, Video & Archives), file sending, storage and swapping (up to 1000 MB to send or post it on any forum for 7 days), unit conversion (Acceleration, Areas, Number,Currency and much more)

    tags: archives-converter audio-conversion document-converter file-converter image-converter
  • First PDF

  • This is a very simple tool that allows you to convert PDF files into:transform pdf to word Word documents (.doc, .rtf)transform pdf to word HTML 5transform pdf to word Exceltransform pdf to word XMLtransform pdf to word Texttransform pdf to word Images: JPG, Multipage TIFF, PNG.

    tags: ocr pdf pdfconvert
  • PDF2Text Pilot

  • PDF2Text Pilot text extractor provides you with a very fast method of extracting text from PDF documents. Just select PDF files, click Convert, and you will get text files containing the resulting texts from the PDF extraction. You also can convert PDF to text file using the command line: . This instruction you can also find in the Windows GUI of PDF2Text Pilot: Help -> Contents -> Using Command Line.

    tags: command-line command-line-start pdf-conversion pdf-to-txt pdf-to-txt-command-line
  • PDFWonder

  • Online PDF converter. Create PDF files from images, word doc's, excel sheets, webpages and powerpoint presentations.Convert PDF files to images, word doc's (OCR included), XLS(x) & PPT.

    tags: convert-webpage-to-pdf excel-to-pdf jpg-to-pdf pdf pdf-ocr
  • Text Mining Tool

  • Text Mining Tool is a freeware program for extraction of text from files of the next types: pdf, doc, rtf, chm, html without need to have installed any other programs like Word, Arcrobat, etc.

    tags: pdf rich-text-format locked-file hrml
  • PkPdfConverter

  • A Windows Graphical User Interface for XPdf and PdfToHtml Tools. An easy way to convert PDF files in simple text, jpeg, html and or extract images. It use Xpdf and pdftohtml.

    tags: Portable extract-images-from-pdf pdf-conversion pdf-to-html pdf-to-image
  • Able2Extract

  • Convert PDF data into MS Excel, MS Word, Powerpoint, Autocad, Open Office, image formats, HTML and more.

    tags: convert-pdf pdf pdf-conversion pdf-to-word
  • Debenu PDF Tools

  • Debenu PDF Tools is a free Windows application built using Debenu’s Quick PDF Library for working with PDF files. Just right-click on a PDF in Windows Explorer and select the ‘Debenu PDF Tools’ menu item to see the list of features. Or double-click to work directly within the viewer. It’s simple to use and will let you preview PDF files, merge PDF files, edit document properties, add and edit custom metadata, convert images to PDF, convert PDF to text and much more.

    tags: batch-processing explorer-integration image-to-pdf merge-pdf pdf-conversion
  • CometDocs

  • Free online conversion service.Possible to determine unknown file format too.

    tags: audio-conversion document-converter file-compare image-to-text ocr
  • Altarsoft PDF Converter

  • A tool for converting to/from PDF files. It can convert PDF to JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and text and back. It can also split PDF files by page.

    tags: pdf pdf-conversion image-converter text-converter text-convert
  • PDFMate PDF Converter

  • PDFMate PDF Converter is a 5-in-1 PDF program to easily convert your PDF to editable Text files, common images, EPUB Ebooks, HTML files, and even SWF files freely. It also can modify the layout and page size of PDF file.

    tags: Bundleware pdf pdf-conversion pdf-editor pdf-to-epub