NZBClub alternatives

  • NZBHydra

  • Features :

    tags: indexed-search newsgroup newsgroups nzb usenet
  • Binsearch

  • Binary Usenet search engine.With this site you can search and browse binary usenet newsgroups.

    tags: search-engine usenet nzb binary usenet-access
  • Usenet-Crawler

  • Usenet-Crawler is a usenet indexing site helping you to quickly download nzbs.

    tags: usenet newsgroups nzb usenet-indexer indexer
  • NZBgeek

  • NZBgeek is a positive, forum based community that is here to support each other. The Forums are available to VIG members only, although anyone is welcome to come join us in the live chat available on the main page.

    tags: usenet newsgroups nzb newsgroup usenet-search
  • DogNZB

  • A newznab based Usenet newsgroups indexer. Access is by invite only.

    tags: usenet newsgroups nzb newsgroup usenet-search
  • Redusenet

  • Redusenet is a Usenet community where only verfied NZB files will be published. Get advantage of free Nzb search now. You can also compare the packages of various Usenet providers and chose the best one for premium access to Usenet network.

    tags: usenet usenet-news-client usenet-search usenet-access usenet-indexer
  • Spotnet

  • Spotnet provides a distributed method of community-based usenet indexing. In this way you can get the content that you want without relying on a traditional indexer with using NZB files.

    tags: usenet usenet-news-client usenet-search usenet-indexer usenet-access
  • Newzleech

  • Newzleech is a free anonymous Usenet file search engine with NZB generation created in 2005. Features include intelligent grouping of files, near real-time indexing and no logs whatsoever.

    tags: usenet-search alt-binaries
  • Spotweb

  • Spotweb is a decentralized usenet community based on the Spotnet protocol.Spotweb requires an operational webserver with PHP5 installed, it uses either an MySQL or an PostgreSQL database to store it's contents in.

    tags: usenet usenet-news-client usenet-indexer newsgroups-indexer usenet-indexing
  • BiNZB

  • Usenet search made easy with BiNZB! BiNZB indexes binary newsgroups for NZB files and provides easy .nzb search and download.

    tags: usenet newsgroups nzb usenet-search usenet-indexer
  • altHUB

  • altHUB is a newznab based Usenet indexer.

    tags: usenet newsgroups nzb newsgroup usenet-indexer
  • nZEDb

  • nZEDb - IndexnZEDb automatically scans usenet, similar to the way google search bots scan the internet. It does this by collecting usenet headers and temporarily storing them in a database until they can be collated into posts/releases. It provides a web-based front-end providing search, browse, and programmable (API) functionality.

    tags: usenet newsgroups nzb nntp
  • Newznab Classic

  • newznab is a web application written using php, pear and mysql, which runs on linux, windows and mac, and is available in two versions. Newznab Plus, the commercial version, and Newznab Classic, the open source version.

    tags: nzb nntp usenet-search usnet
  • Newznab Plus

  • newznab is a usenet indexing application, that makes building a usenet community easy.

    tags: usenet newsgroups nzb nntp

  • DrunkenSlug is a usenet indexer providing SSL and integration for Couch Potato, Sonarr, Sabnzd and more.

    tags: nzb usenet-indexer indexer usetnet-crawler