NPPCrypt alternatives

  • Laverna

  • Laverna is a JavaScript note-taking web application with a Markdown editor and encryption support. It's built to be an open source alternative to Evernote.

    tags: aes-encryption cloud-sync desktop-client diary dropbox-integration
  • Milanote

  • The notes app for creative work.For the research, thinking and planning behind your next great piece of work.

    tags: creative-collaboration creative-thinking creatives design-thinking moodboard
  • Encrypted Notepad

  • Encrypted Notepad is a very simple to use application providing state of the art industrial-strength encryption to users who want nothing more than to store sensitive information in text documents. Users can be completely at ease in the security provided by Encrypted Notes because it follows best practices in dealing with encryption algorithms and does not try to do anything that is not standard procedure. This is important because "being too clever" is one of the most common reasons for security failures in the application of cryptography. »

    tags: aes aes-128 cross-platform cryptography encrypted-notes
  • DCrypt

  • DCrypt is an encryption and decryption tool that combines in a smart way multiple algorithms. The combination of multiple strong algorithms makes it much more difficult for hackers to get the plain content of the encrypted file without the password.

    tags: file-encryption password-protection text-encryption
  • CryptoTE

  • CryptoTE is a text editor with integrated strong cryptography. It is based on the popular Scintilla widget and automatically stores text data in secure encrypted container files. Compared to other "password keeper" programs, CryptoTE does not force any structure upon your data: it works with plain ASCII text and does not require you to fill in grids, key-value attributes, descriptions etc. Encryption is transparently performed using the highly-secure Serpent cipher. The editing interface is thoroughly optimized for speed and ease of use. Multiple subfiles, Quick-Find and a two-click random password generator make daily use very convenient. »

    tags: Portable encrypt-text encrypted-notes encrypted-virtual-safe file-encryption
  • CrocodileNote

  • Take simple text notes. You can put them into folders to create your own quick, easy and robust file structure.

    tags: notepad notepad-replacement security-and-privacy
  • fSekrit

  • fSekrit is a small application for keeping securely encrypted notes. These notes are truly stand-alone; the editor program and your note are merged together into a tiny self-contained program file, bypassing the need to install a special application to view your data. This makes fSekrit ideal for keeping encrypted notes on, for example, USB flash drives.

    tags: Portable encrypted-notes note-taking
  • ImmediateCrypt

  • ImmediateCrypt is an utility for encryption and decryption of plain text messages with the AES-256 cipher.

    tags: file-encryption cryptography aes
  • Paranoia Text Encryption

  • Paranoia Text Encryption keeps your SMS, emails, social networking posts, notes and any other text safe from snoopers, hackers and prying eyes.

    tags: security-and-privacy text-encryption
  • Locknote

  • Store your most valuable notes in a LockNote. Hide your everyday notes in a safe place. Application and document in one: the mechanism to encrypt and decrypt a note is part of it. Secure, simple, independent. No installation required.

    tags: Discontinued Portable data-security encrypted-notes file-encryption
  • DocWallet

  • Your personal document lock box. Securely stored and always at hand.

    tags: document-management file-encryption document-viewer security-utilities cryptography
  • Swiftnotes

  • No extra unnecessary features, just notes. It's also free and ads-less!

    tags: note-taking
  • CryptNote

  • CryptNote is a tiny (20KB) fully portable NotePad-like text-editor with encryption. It encrypts/decrypts text with the AES/Rijndael algorithm according to a user-supplied password.

    tags: Portable data-protection encrypted-notes notepad text-editor
  • Notebook PEA

  • Notebook PEAs - encryption of notes. Protects your private notes with a password.The text is never stored unencrypted on your disk (until you explicitly decide to do that). The used cryptographic primitives are currently considered as safe as possible. The Notebook PEA offers a simple text editor with some styling functionality, redo/undo and copy, cut, paste commands, the possibility to change the password or to store the text unencrypted. The text is handled in rich text format (RTF). Notebook PEA is a Password Encrypting Archive (PEA): small (smaller than 200 KiB), round (standalone) and green and requires the Java Runtime Environment. »

    tags: Portable cross-platform cryptography data-security encrypted-notes