Niltalk alternatives

  • HipChat

  • HipChat is an instant messaging service designed for companies and teams. It has persistent chat rooms, one-to-one chat, searchable chat history, file sharing via drag & drop and clipboard, inline image previews, an API, chat over SMS, and more.

    tags: chat-clients chat-rooms corporate-instant-messaging enterprise-social-networking instant-messaging
  • Tinychat

  • Tinychat is easy and free video chat rooms for all. Browse through the free video chat rooms to meet friends or make your own chat room. No downloads, no signup, no problem.

    tags: ajax chat-clients instant-messaging video-chat web-2.0
  • Anologue

  • Disposable online chat. With anologue you can quickly and easily engage in an anonymous (or not) linear dialogue with any number of people (within reason). No accounts. No installations.

    tags: Discontinued chat-clients disposable-chat online-chat
  • Hyphen Messaging

  • Hyphen is an inter-company messaging app that allows businesses to instant message each other. Start building relationships, not just connections. We provide a network to connect businesses and professionals across all industries whether it's to an individual, team or entire business.

    tags: messaging networking real-time-collaboration team-chat team-messaging
  • Collabe

  • Collabe is an ideal tool for any company size or industry and is quite effective in really boosting your collaboration efforts, resulting in significantly improved efficiency and productivity of your team members, as individuals and as a collective. The software focuses on driving productivity and efficiency by ensuring that the 3C’s of productivity is well covered and maximized – coordination, collaboration, and communication.

    tags: collaboration-software communications-software file-sharing group-chat group-communication
  • type to .me

  • is a character-level realtime chat, like the old talk program on Unix and Unix-like operating systems.

    tags: chat-clients realtime sockets