myPhoneDesktop Web Client or install for your platform: * Mac OS X
* Windows
* Linux

myPhoneDesktop alternatives

  • CallBridge Mobile

  • CallBridge Mobile lets you, from any computer :

    tags: productivity-tool android-apps ios-apps notification sms-from-pc
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Chrome OS iPad
  • Pastebot

  • Pastebot is a versatile clipboard manager for your Mac that stores what you recently copied so you can quickly retrieve them later. Create custom pasteboards for frequently used clippings. Build powerful filters that you can apply as you paste.

    tags: clipboard-manager copy-and-paste copying
    platform: Mac OS X
  • Scribe

  • Scribe lets you copy anything from your Mac to your mobile device, without Wi-Fi using Bluetooth.

    tags: clipboard-manager sync-copy
    platform: Mac OS X iPhone

  • is a advanced text storage tool where you can store text, sensitive data and source code for a set period of time.

    tags: hilfe json kpopieren online-paste
    platform: Online
  • Clipboard Manager and History

  • Clipboard Manager And History allows you to copy, save, and store any text, photos, or web page addresses for quick and easy access at a later time. Simply copy any item you'd like to the device clipboard, and it's automatically saved in Clipboard Manager And History.

    tags: clipboard-manager
    platform: iPhone iPad