Janrain Engage (formerly RPX) enables you to quickly register and login users on your site via their existing Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, or ...

myOpenID alternatives

  • OpenID

  • OpenID is an open standard that describes how users can be authenticated in a decentralized manner, eliminating the need for services to provide th...

    tags: authentication login identity openid
    platform: Online
  • OAuth

  • OAuth is an open standard for authorization. It allows users to share their private resources (e.g. photos, videos, contact lists) stored on one si...

    tags: authentication login authenticode token-authentication oauth-login
    platform: Online
  • LoginRadius

  • LoginRadius’ Customer Identity and Access Management (cIAM) platform helps companies deliver a connected customer experience by streamlining the re...

    tags: identity-access-management integration-platform multi-factor-authentication online-identity otp-authentication
    platform: Online Zen Cart X-Cart Store Manager Vanilla Drupal Joomla PrestaShop Wordpress Magento Community Edition vBulletin
  • Persona

  • Persona (formerly BrowserID) allows you to sign in to sites using an email address you choose. So, instead of having to manage multiple usernames a...

    tags: Discontinued authentication identification identity login
    platform: Online Discontinued
  • DandyID

  • DandyID is a single access point for managing and sharing your online social identifiers.

    tags: social-network identity online-identity social-identity social-id
    platform: Online
  • IndieAuth

  • IndieAuth is a way to use your own domain name to sign in to websites. It works by linking your website to authentication providers such as Twitter...

    tags: authentication identity indieweb login openid
    platform: Online Self-Hosted
  • Profilactic

  • is an online identity aggregator that pulls together all of the profiles and content that you create at sites like Flickr, twitter,...

    tags: twitter facebook rss youtube friends
    platform: Online
  • yiid

  • yiid - Your Internet Identity - Simplify your community life

    tags: Discontinued identity communities claim
    platform: Online Discontinued
  • Janrain

  • Janrain provides hosted user management solutions for social login and sharing, single sign-on and social profile storage.

    tags: contacts login
    platform: Online
  • Proofile

  • Proofile is a simple and easy way to connect your online identities with each other making it possible to link and manage your web accounts. All th...

    tags: social-network connect-web-accounts
    platform: Online