Watch synchronized videos from Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo with your friends up to 20. Everyone views the same video at the exact same time and c... alternatives

  • Rabbit

  • Rabbit is about sharing your everyday. Watch your favorite shows with your friends, without being in the same room (or even the same city!). Collab...

    tags: chat-clients group-chat instant-messaging live-room real-time-collaboration
    platform: Online Android iPhone
  • Livestream

  • Broadcast and live stream your video (desktop, webcam, combination) and audio directly to the service website. You can use desktop application Proc...

    tags: streaming video-streaming live-streaming tv-streaming
    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Apple TV
  • Watch2Gether

  • Watch2Gether lets groups of users watch videos in-sync together. At the same time users can communicate through a build-in chat-room and use web ca...

    tags: chat-rooms dailymotion integrated-chat no-registration social-collaboration
    platform: Online
  • CyTube

  • CyTube is a web application providing media synchronization, chat, and more for an arbitrary number of channels. The serverside is written in JavaS...

    tags: integrated-chat video-synchronization watch-together watch-videos-together
    platform: Online
  • TogetherTube

  • Create a room, invite some friends and watch any YouTube video you want together. We take care that everyone sees the same - at any time! Give it a...

    tags: chat-rooms integrated-chat no-registration synchtube watch-videos
    platform: Online
  • Sync Video

  • Ever wanted to watch a video on YouTube or Vimeo simultaneously with your friends, who are not exactly sitting next to you?Well, now you can!

    tags: chat-rooms chrome-extension firefox-extension integrated-chat synchtube
    platform: Online Google Chrome Firefox
  • &chill

  • A website where you can watch YouTube and Twitch videos together, with anyone. It’s like a virtual cinema. It was inspired by an old cinema used in...

    tags: chat-rooms integrated-chat no-registration synchtube
    platform: Online
  • ShareTube

  • Watch YouTube collaboratively with others online, synced to the second! Create your own room and join a room and invite others.

    tags: integrated-chat no-registration video-synchronization watch-videos-together youtube
    platform: Online YouTube

  • Juicebox lets you watch YouTube online with other people, with a special focus on music. Join in on the chat and discover new music.

    tags: create-playlist listen-to-music music-streaming real-time-collaboration synchtube
    platform: Online YouTube
  • BlaTube

  • Blatube lets groups of users watch videos in-sync together. At the same time users can watching video and communicate use video, voice and text cha...

    tags: audio-chat integrated-chat video-chat video-streaming watch-videos-together
    platform: Online
  • Cabana

  • Cabana is a free app from the Tumblr crew that lets you hang out and watch YouTube videos with up to 5 friends.

    tags: social-network watch-videos-together youtube-videos
    platform: Android iPhone

  • lets you easily watch YouTube video with friends. leave comments and record reactions.

    tags: video-streaming video-with-friends watch-videos-together
    platform: Online
  • Gaze

  • Gaze lets you watch videos with a partner in perfect synchrony. Any friends, family or significant others that live far, can feel close.

    tags: integrated-chat integrated-file-sharing video-calling video-synchronization watch-videos-together
    platform: Online
  • Uptime

  • Uptime is a fun, social way to watch YouTube together with friends. Share your favorites and join your friends in chatting and watching videos.

    tags: integrated-chat meet-people reactions social-applications watch-videos-together
    platform: iPhone
  • Wavelength

  • Wavelength is a shared experience that lets you build playlists in a live chat. Listen to music, watch videos, and socialize together!

    tags: create-playlist integrated-chat listen-to-music no-registration social-applications
    platform: Online