myBoard is a Windows port of Mac OS X dashboard. It is an application for Windows operating systems, used for hosting mini-applications known as ma...

And in case you don't know, Dashboard is an application for Apple's Mac OS X operating systems, used for hosting mini-applications known as widgets. First introduced in Tiger, it is a semi-transparent layer that is invisible to the user unless activated by clicking its icon in the Dock. Alternatively, the user can invoke Dashboard by moving the cursor into a preassigned hot corner, or by pressing a hot key, both of which can be set to the user's preference. When Dashboard is activated, the user's desktop is dimmed and widgets appear in the foreground. Like application windows, they can be moved around, rearranged, deleted, and recreated (so that more than one of the same Widget is open at the same time, possibly with different settings. New widgets can be opened, via an icon bar on the bot

myBoard alternatives

  • KDE Plasma Workspaces

  • Plasma Workspaces is the umbrella term for all graphical environments provided by KDE. Plasma separates components into "data engines" and their vi...

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    platform: Linux
  • XWidget

  • XWidget is a free desktop customization platform. It’s light, handy with powerful visual widget editor and very subtle animations. The Android page...

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  • gDesklets

  • gDesklets is an architecture for "desklets", which are tiny applets sitting on your desktop in a symbiotic relationship of eye candy and usefulness.

    tags: Discontinued widget desktop-enhancement widgets gadgets
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  • OS X Dashboard

  • Dashboard is an application for Apples Mac OS X operating systems, used for hosting mini-applications known as widgets. First introduced in Tiger, ...

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  • AveDesk

  • AveDesk is a program that will give you the possibility to have icons on your desktop which could update themselves. Each icon of Avedesk is in fac...

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  • Amnesty Generator

  • Easily convert millions of web widgets, games and videos – designed to live on home pages, blogs or social network profiles – into gadgets for your...

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  • Open Sidebar

  • Open Sidebar is a vertical bar on your Windows Desktop that helps you keep your gadgets organized. This project is written on C#.

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