Murus Firewall!

APPLY mailto:[email protected]?Subject Educational%20Licensing%20Program Murus 1.4.8
Murus Logs Visualizer 1.4.2
Murus Knocker 1.0
Murus Menulet 1.1
Murus injector 1.0 BETA
Murus and its companion apps are signed
MD5 checksums are also available

Murus Firewall alternatives

  • Comodo Firewall

  • Comodo Firewall Pro - Secure your system against internal attacks such as Trojan viruses / malicious software and external attacks by hackers. Safeguard your personal data through a simple user friendly single click interface offering full immunity to attack. Comodo Firewall Pro helps you connect in a secure way to the internet and global networks.

    tags: firewall system-protection
  • NetBalancer

  • NetBalancer is an internet traffic control and monitoring tool designed for Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7.

    tags: bandwidth-shaper free-to-play low-level network-monitoring system-tray
  • NetLimiter

  • NetLimiter is an ultimate Internet traffic control and monitoring tool designed for Windows. You can use NetLimiter to set download/upload transfer rate limits for applications or even single connection and monitor their Internet traffic.

    tags: bandwidth-limiter bandwidth-shaper firewall traffic-monitoring traffic-shaper
  • Gufw

  • Gufw is an easy, intuitive way to manage your Linux firewall. It supports common tasks such as allowing or blocking pre-configured, common p2p, or individual ports port(s), and many others! Gufw is powered by Uncomplicated Firewall (ufw).

    tags: firewall peer-to-peer port allow
  • ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

  • ZoneAlarm Free Firewall blocks hackers from infiltrating your home PC by hiding your computer from unsolicited network traffic. By detecting and preventing intrusions, ZoneAlarm Free Firewall keeps your PC free from viruses that slow down performance, and spyware that steals your personal information, passwords, and financial data.

    tags: anti-spyware antivirus firewall parental-control protection
  • IceFloor

  • IceFloor is the first OS X free graphic frontend for PF. Configure the PF firewall in a few clicks using a very simple interface and a step by step in-app configuration guide (Quick Start).

    tags: firewall frontend internet-security outbound-firewall pf-frontend
  • Firestarter

  • Firestarter is an Open Source visual firewall program. The software aims to combine ease of use with powerful features, therefore serving both Linux desktop users and system administrators.

    tags: firewall port allow
  • Wonder Shaper

  • A bandwidth limiting and traffic prioritization tool for linux.

    tags: network-management traffic-monitoring bandwidth-limiter bandwidth-shaper bandwith-usage
  • netfilter

  • Netfilter software comprises iptables, ipset, conntrack-tools, libnetfilter and more. It is the core of Linux firewalls and NAT. It consists of a set of hooks inside the Linux kernel and a number of utilities to manage callback functions.

    tags: firewall firewall-rules iptables
  • Nufw

  • NuFW is a GPL extension to Netfilter (that is Linux firewall). It adds identity-based filtering, i.e. it is possible to create firewall rules dependent on the user.

    tags: firewall identity-based-filtering rule-based
  • Sygate Personal Firewall

  • Sygate Personal Firewall is a bit old but good firewall for Windows. It uses very small amount of system resources and is quite robust.

    tags: Discontinued firewall safety port
  • Entonnoir

  • Do your colleagues complain about you eating up all the bandwidth?Well, you are about to earn their respect back.

    tags: bandwidth bandwidth-limiter bandwidth-shaper bandwith-usage chocoflop
  • SoftPerfect Personal Firewall

  • The SoftPerfect Personal Firewall is a free network firewall designed to protect your PC against attacks from the Internet or via a local area network. SoftPerfect Personal Firewall offers customizable security using user-defined rules for packet filtering. It works at a low level and also allows you to create rules based on non-IP protocols such as ARP.

    tags: Discontinued firewall personal-firewall protection rule-based