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mocha alternatives

  • ACTS

  • ACTS is an automatic camera tracking system which can efficiently and stably recover camera motion as well as 3D scene strucutre from videos and film sequences. It is for non-commercial research and educational use ONLY. Not for reproduction, distribution or commercial use. If you use this executable for your academic publication, please acknowledge our work. This program is tested on Windows XP, Server 2003, but is still not guaranteed to be bug-free and work properly with all versions of Windows. You are welcome to report any suggestions or bugs. We will actively update the program. Please email Guofeng Zhang if you have any questions. ยป

    tags: Discontinued match-moving 3d-data manipulate-tracking-data
    platform: Windows Discontinued

  • London, U.K. 12 March 2003 - The Pixel Farm, a new company focused on innovation in the field of high-end digital post-production, announces today that it has become the exclusive licensee of the Icarus suite of tools developed by the Advanced Interfaces Group (AIG) at Manchester University. The Pixel Farm has been working with AIG to optimise the system for high-end post production use and will release, PFTrack, the first of a number of products based on the Icarus technology in April 2003.

    tags: 3d-data match-moving manipulate-tracking-data
    platform: Windows