Mixeek alternatives

  • TweenUI

  • TweenUI is an easy-to-use HTML5/JavaScript animation tool that lets you create amazing animations or banners right in your browser.

    tags: browser-based create-animations javascript-animation
  • Mirrored Mockup Design

  • Stop writing your code! Start drawing it!

    tags: Discontinued design-tools no-coding web-based web-design
  • Purple Animator

  • With Purple, you will create beautiful HTML5 animations with ease. Purple animations can be viewed on mobile devices and on your Desktop.

    tags: animation html5 flash html5-editor animation-graphic-editor
  • NodeFire

  • NodeFire is a responsive focused HTML5 animator for your website.

    tags: animation animation-software animator html5
  • JavaScript Animator Express

  • This utility allows you to easily create animation from image files (GIFs and JPGs) on your local drive. The animation is achieved by creating a simple HTML page with JavaScript animation, and running it on your default browser.

    tags: animation javascript
  • AnimationMaker

  • This app can be used to create animated movies based on keyframe animations.You are able to export these animations to movie files like .mp4, mpg, avi, animated gif and HTML based on SVG and GSAP from greensock. With AnimationMaker you are also able to import SVG files and animation SVG properties.

    tags: animated-gif animation create-animations html-animation keyframe-animation
  • Sencha Animator

  • A powerful desktop application to create awesome CSS3 animations for WebKit browsers and touchscreen mobile devices.

    tags: Discontinued animation css3 html-editor html5
  • TinyAnim

  • The world of banner ad creation has changed a lot. With Flash not being accepted anymore, you need a proper solution for supplying creative digital ads. Animated GIFs don’t quite cut it. And hand coding countless banners can be time consuming, expensive – and, let’s be honest, right on the edge of most designers’ skillset.

    tags: banner-ads designer developer-tools graphics html5