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mixare alternatives

  • Wikitude

  • Augmented Reality Mobile App - Wikitude World Browser is a fun, innovative and informative Augmented Reality ( AR ) platform allowing you to discover what’s around you in a completely new way. By using the camera, simply hold up your smartphone and explore your surroundings. Wikitude will overlay the camera’s display and the objects you look at with additional interactive content and information – really cool!

    tags: augmented-reality browsing mapping online-shopping
    platform: Android iPhone Symbian S60 Blackberry Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad
  • Layar

  • The Layar Augmented-Reality Browser displays real time digital information on top of reality in the camera screen of the mobile phone. While looking through the phones camera lens, a user can see via AR houses for sale, popular bars and shops, touristic information of the area, play a live game, etc.

    tags: navigation augmented-reality
    platform: Android iPhone
  • Bingle Goggles

  • Bingle goggles combines the power of Bing, Google, Yahoo & Facebook services into one app! The following poweful services: Bing Translation, Bing Language detection, Google OCR, Google Docs managing, Google Translation, Bing Search, Google Search, Yahoo Search, Bing Text-To-Speech and Facebook notes and posts services are integrated to work together into one application. We hope and we imagine that the application will be a further step of the original famous Google goggles application.

    tags: facebook yahoo services bing google-docs-managing
    platform: Windows Phone