The driver combines a several mount points into the single one.

/dev/sdb1 40G 35G 5G 88% /mnt/hdd2 /dev/sdc1 60G 10G 50G 17% /mnt/hdd3 After you have installed the `mhddfs` package using your favourite package manager, you can create a new mount point, let's call it `/mnt/virtual`, which will join all these drives together for you. The beauty of FUSE means you don't really have to be `root` for this (can be just a member of the `fuse` group, but for the sake of examples' simplicity, let's suppose we are logged in as `root` here. # mkdir /mnt/virtual

mhddfs alternatives

  • StableBit DrivePool

  • StableBit DrivePool is a state of the art pooling solution.- Allows you to create a large pool with any number and any sized disks.- Files are stor...

    tags: digital-media-storage drive-manager file-management file-storage hard-drive
    platform: Windows
  • mergerfs


    tags: file-management file-storage hard-drive hard-disk harddrive
    platform: Linux
  • Greyhole

  • Greyhole is an application that uses Samba to create a storage pool of all your available hard drives (whatever their size, however they're connect...

    tags: raid redundant-data
    platform: Linux
  • PoolHD

  • PoolHD is a disk pooling application that focuses on integration, speed and ease of use. Take two or more hard drives and create a storage drive th...

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