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meta-Tunes alternatives

  • iTunes

  • iTunes is the best way to organize and enjoy the music, movies, and TV shows you already have — and shop for the ones you want to get.

    tags: app-store-access auto-volume crossfading ibooks internet-radio
    platform: Mac OS X Windows iPhone iPad
  • i-FunBox

  • i-FunBox, or iFunbox, is a tool to transfer, manage, browse and explore files on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via USB. It download apps to iPhone and iPad, edit app sandboxes and add, remove or replace files. It can convert extracted binary .plist files to plain text and vice versa.

    tags: file-explorer file-management ipa iphone-browser iphone-explorer
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • PhoneView

  • Apple locks up the iPhone and iPod touch pretty tight, but PhoneView gives you back your data. Notes, SMS logs, your call history, disk storage, and more are now all accessible, thanks to PhoneView.

    tags: backup-and-restore ipod-touch note-taking
    platform: Mac OS X
  • Swinsian

  • Swinsian is a simple music player dedicated to managing music, without the complexity of ebooks, apps, online stores, T.V. shows and movies, with support for formats such as FLAC and Ogg Vorbis, and a simpler interface that fits in with the rest of Mac OS X. Folder watching makes the process of adding new files as automatic as possible.

    tags: album-artwork audio-tagging cue-sheets duplicate-mp3-finder find-duplicate-music
    platform: Mac OS X
  • CopyTrans

  • CopyTrans transfers iPhone and iPod music, other audio files and videos to PC and iTunes in just one click including playlists, ratings, artwork and play-counts. The Smart backup feature ensures all the needed tracks and playlists get copied over.

    tags: album-artwork backup-ipod-music incremental-backup ipod-manager ipod-to-pc
    platform: Windows
  • Touch Copy

  • TouchCopy (formerly iPodCopy) is your complete iPod software, which offers easy drag and drop transfer of all your iPod music, photos, podcasts, audio books, games and videos. TouchCopy can also copy playlists, artwork, ratings and play counts from your iPod into iTunes, and it lets you view and manage your Calendars, Contacts, Notes and Voice Memos on your iPod. You can also play music on your iPod directly through your PC without having iTunes installed. TouchCopy also enables you to use your iPod Touch and iPhone as an external disk drive. »

    tags: ipod-transfer iphone-transfer ipod-to-pc ipod-to-itunes ipod-ripper
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Floola

  • Floola is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod or your Motorola mobile phone (any model supporting iTunes except iPhone and iPod touch). It's a standalone application that can be run directly from your iPod.

    tags: Discontinued duplicate-mp3-finder find-duplicate-music google-calendar-sync ipod-copy
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Discontinued
  • iSkysoft iTransfer

  • iSkysoft iTransfer- Backup photos, music, and videos from iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android to Mac or iTunes Library, transfer media files between iPod, iOS and Android devices. Super-fast& Intelligent Transfer between any Android and iOS devices with ease.Note: iSkysoft TunesOver (Mac) is renamed as iSkysoft iTransfer for Mac.

    tags: iphone-transfer ipod-transfer photo-backup transfer-iphone-to-computer transfer-ipod-to-pc
    platform: Mac OS X
  • gtkpod

  • gtkpod is a platform independent Graphical User Interface for Apple's iPod using GTK2. It supports the first to fifth Generation including the iPod mini, iPod Photo, iPod Shuffle, iPod nano, and iPod Video.

    tags: Discontinued ipod-copy ipod-ripper music-library
    platform: Linux Discontinued
  • PrimoPhoto

  • PrimoPhoto is a new iPhone Photo Transfer software that made to transfer your iPhone photos to / from a computer; convert live photos and other .mov videos to GIF images; free up iPhone space by cleaing up all photo junks.

    tags: iphone-manager iphone-photo-transfer iphone-sync iphone-transfer
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Tune Sweeper

  • Tune Sweeper 4 is an easy to use utility which lets you quickly and easily clean up your iTunes Library. Tune Sweeper can scan your iTunes library for duplicate tracks based on your preferred search criteria. It displays your iTunes duplicates in groups so that you can easily select which of the tracks you want to remove from your iTunes at the click of a button. To help users tidy up their iTunes library further, Tune Sweeper also contains the ability to find and delete missing tracks in iTunes, as well as being able to locate any tracks on your hard drive which are not currently in iTunes and add them to your library if required. Tune Sweeper 4 can also find and download any incorrect track data for your songs, fixing any tracks labelled “track 01”, “track 02” etc. Furthermore, Tune Sweeper can download any missing album artwork for you to complete your music collection, as well as allowing users to view a quick overview of their iTunes statistics. Tune Sweeper is compatible all versions of iTunes. Tune Sweeper is available as a free trial download for Windows. The full version of the software costs $24.99, giving access to all functionality, free customer support and a lifetime of free point software updates. »

    tags: automatic-tagging clean-up-itunes deduplicate-itunes delete-duplicates-in-itunes delete-itunes-duplicate
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Daniusoft iTransfer

  • Daniusoft iTransfer for Mac is a handy tool for you to manage iPod/iPhone files on Mac without hassles. Backup your music, movies and photos from iPod/iPhone to Mac, transfer files from Mac to iPod/iPhone, and copy files from iPod/iPhone to iTunes – this iTransfer for Mac makes all these possible.

    tags: iphone-sync iphone-to-mac ipod-to-itunes ipod-to-mac ipod-transfer
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • AmoyShare O2Tunes

  • AmoyShare O2Tunes is an advanced manager and transfer tool, it is capable to quickly transfer audios, videos, podcasts, movies among iOS devices, iTunes, the computer. Also offer smart backup to copy the change to iTunes or iOS devices since the last backup. The clean and straightforward interface makes it easy to operate.

    tags: iphone-transfer iphone-manager music-backup
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Leawo iTransfer

  • Leawo iTransfer is a powerful combination of iPod transfer, iPhone transfer and iPad transfer, which can easily transfer media files from iPod/iPhone/iPad to computer without iTunes.

    tags: backup-apps ipad-transfer iphone-manager iphone-to-computer iphone-transfer
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • MusiMoods Playlist Creator

  • MusiMoods is an easy-to-use music player and mood-based playlist creator for Macintosh. Simply add your music and select a mood. Refine your playlist by selecting a specific genre and mood, or refine your selection more by selecting an individual tune and clicking the "Create Playlist From Tune" button. Transfer your activity playlists to your phone or tablet within iTunes.

    tags: music-player media-player graphics create-playlist songs
    platform: Mac OS X