mail-gate alternatives

  • Gmail Notifier (

  • Gmail Notifier alerts the users of new email messages. Users can also read emails, delete or mark them as read, all without having to open a browser.

    tags: gmail-notifier mail-notifier
    platform: Windows
  • Gmail Notifier

  • Gmail Notifier is a Linux/Windows alternative for the notifier program released by Google, it is written in Python and provides an attractive and simple way to check for new mail messages.

    tags: gmail notifications gmail-notifier check-new-mails
    platform: Windows Linux
  • CheckGmail

  • CheckGmail is an alternative Gmail Notifier for Linux and other *nix systems. It is fast, secure and uses minimal bandwidth via the use of Atom feeds.

    tags: Portable gmail checker
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • GmailAssistant

  • GmailAssistant is a notifier for multiple Gmail and Google Apps email accounts. It accesses your accounts securely using IMAP over SSL. Choose from various notification options (unread mails in Inbox only, All Mails, or with specified labels) and alert methods (popup message, chime, blink keyboard LED). Runs on any OS with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE 6+). GmailAssistant is free and open source software written in Java and released under the GNU GPL license version 2.

    tags: Discontinued java-based gmail gmail-notifier email-checker
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Discontinued