Break down language barriers and instantly translate between over 90 languages. Translation spoken in natural sounding voice. Great for traveling, ...

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mText2Speech alternatives

  • Google Translate

  • Google Translate is a free online translation service that can instantly translate text and web pages between over 50 languages.

    tags: language-translation multi-language offline-access text-to-speech translate-webpage
    platform: Online Android iPhone Symbian S60 Blackberry Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad
  • QuestSoft QTranslate

  • QTranslate is a free translator for Windows. With this small utility, you simply select the text you want to translate and then press hot key (Ctrl...

    tags: Portable built-in-translation language-translation multi-language screenshot-ocr
    platform: Windows
  • S3.Google Translator

  • S3.Google Translator - this extension for Mozilla Firefox browser make much easy visit of websites on foreign language. Translation of selected tex...

    tags: addon-for-translate chinese-translator firefox-based firefox-extension google-translate
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android Firefox
  • LexBook

  • A powerful english dictionary online with many examples of use: definitions, synonyms, translations, tendencies, news and books.

    tags: dictionary thesaurus translate-languages
    platform: Online
  • Translate Now!

  • Translate Now! by AccelaStudy ( ) is a free translator that translates words and sentences into 43 languages!

    tags: language-translation languages text-to-speech
    platform: iPhone
  • Lingviny

  • Lingviny helps write email in another language. Whether it is an email to a friend, a relative, a business partner, or a customer - now you can be ...

    tags: gmail translations translate-email email-translations
    platform: Online Chrome OS Google Chrome Gmail
  • Aryanpour Translate

  • Online version of Aryanpour English to Farsi dictionary. A comprehensive Persian dictionary with daily updates, translator, and virtual Farsi keybo...

    tags: dictionary language-translation eng-to-persian
    platform: Online
  • Nommo Translate

  • Nommo Translate – All-in-One TranslatorNommo Translate is a Multilingual Translator and Interpreter App that’s quite easy to use. Nommo app is desi...

    tags: language-translation multi-language speech-to-text voice-input
    platform: Android iPhone
  • Spanish to English

  • - 100% free Spanish to English translation online. - Fast and super easy to use. - Thousands of words and phrases are available.

    tags: language-translation languages learn-spanish
    platform: Online
  • SpokenHere

  • Spokenhere provides news and information around the globe with inline translations.

    tags: news news-aggregator language-translation
    platform: Windows Linux Android Chrome OS Android Tablet
  • Translator - translate with voice

  • Translate and speaks 53 Languages for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

    tags: Discontinued language-translation multi-language
    platform: Mac OS X iPhone iPad Discontinued
  • Translator Spanish English

  • Free language translator Spanish English

    tags: google-translate text-translator translators voice-to-text-translator-app
    platform: Android