mTAIL is a Windows Program that works like the Unix Command TAIL.

mTail alternatives

  • BareTail

  • BareTail is a real-time log file monitoring tool.

    tags: filesystem-monitoring large-files log-file-monitoring logfile real-time
    platform: Windows
  • glogg

  • glogg is a multi-platform GUI application to browse and search through long or complex log files. It is designed with programmers and system admini...

    tags: grep web-log-analyzer
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • LogExpert

  • LogExpert is a Windows tail program (a GUI replacement for the Unix tail command). LogExpert is free for non-commercial or commercial use.

    tags: content-filtering logfile realtime relative-select tail
    platform: Windows
  • Phrozen Windows File Monitor

  • Phrozen Windows File Monitor is a standalone program designed to capture any kind of modification inside the file system of Microsoft Windows. It c...

    tags: Portable filesystem-monitoring standalone
    platform: Windows
  • SnakeTail

  • SnakeTail is a Windows tail application for monitoring text log files. You can also monitor Windows event logs. Multiple window modes are supported...

    tags: Portable .net web-log-analyzer tail event-viewer
    platform: Windows
  • Hoo WinTail

  • Hoo WinTail is a real-time log monitor and log viewer for Windows like the UNIX tail -f utility. It monitors your log and captures output in real-t...

    tags: logfile realtime tail tail-program text-highlighting
    platform: Windows
  • GamutLogViewer

  • GamutLogViewer can be used for viewing and filtering log files of all types including Log4J, Log4Net, NLog, CSV files, files delimited with other s...

    tags: web-log-analyzer tail log-file-monitoring
    platform: Windows
  • TailExpert

  • TailExpert is a reliable and useful application dedicated to helping you analyze log files while they grow. The software is designed to open multip...

    tags: real-time system-utilities web-log-analyzer event-log logfile
    platform: Windows
  • JFollowTail

  • Another free real-time log file monitoring tool. Made in Java.It's almost the same Baretail free edition but with the cappability of searching thro...

    tags: java open-source-projects
    platform: Windows Linux
  • WinTail

  • WinTail allows you to view the last 64K of a growing text file in real time under Win32 operating systems. It's a bit like using the "tail -f" comm...

    tags: web-log-analyzer tail
    platform: Windows
  • Tail for Win32

  • Tail for Win32 is used to monitor changes to files; displaying the changed lines in realtime. This makes Tail ideal for watching log files.

    tags: monitor-changes tail filesystem-monitoring tail-program
    platform: Windows
  • yata

  • Yata is a general purpose log viewer and file monitor with a nice pretty GUI. "Yata" is an acronym for "Yet Another Tail Application", so named bec...

    tags: Portable web-log-analyzer tail
    platform: Windows Linux

  • is a free Windows program which allows one to view large log text files with color coding and filtering.

    tags: .net web-log-analyzer tail iis tail-program
    platform: Windows
  • Log Manager

  • Log Manager lets you view the contents of multiple log files as they're updated in real time.

    tags: real-time system-utilities tail logs file-utilities
    platform: Windows