m23 alternatives

  • Ocsinventory-ng.org

  • 10 years mature OCS Inventory NG, an OpenSource computer inventory and package deployment system for Win32 and Unix and Apple and Linux. Works with glpi-project.org helpdesk.

    tags: cross-platform crossplatform inventory network-discovery rpm
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android
  • opsi.org

  • opsi is an Client Management System for Windows and Linux clients based on Linux servers.

    tags: client-management deployment deployment-windows hardware-inventory inventory
    platform: Windows Linux
  • FAI

  • FAI, Fully Automatic Installation, is a non-interactive system to install, customize and manage Linux systems and software configurations on computers as well as virtual machines and chroot environments, from small networks to large-scale infrastructures like clusters and cloud environments.

    tags: automatic configuration-management deployment disaster-recovery linux-operating-systems
    platform: Linux
  • System Center Configuration Manager

  • System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr or Configuration Manager), formerly Systems Management Server (SMS), is a systems management software product by Microsoft for managing large groups of Windows-based computer systems. Configuration Manager provides remote control, patch management, software distribution, operating system deployment, network access protection, and hardware and software inventory.

    tags: remote-control system-administration server-management configuration-management software-inventory
    platform: Windows
  • Zenworks

  • ZENworks 11 is comprised of four products that share a single, unified web-based management console and agent—giving you a unique identity-based approach to endpoint management.

    tags: system-administration
    platform: Windows
  • DX-Union Management Suite

  • Managing workplace systems, users and their resources leads to high costs for organizations. Many IT infrastructures have grown gradually over time to meet users’ requirements resulting in many isolated solutions. The subsequent need to change between different media when handling processes makes it difficult to achieve efficient automation. Effective tools for client and server management which ensure high service quality and optimized cost structures can help considerably here.

    tags: device-management helpdesk inventory-system license-management mobile-device-management
    platform: Windows Linux
  • Microsoft Intune

  • Microsoft Intune is a cloud service that provides mobile device management, mobile application management, and PC management capabilities. Intune’s mobile productivity management capabilities help organizations provide their employees access to corporate data, applications, and resources, while helping to protect their corporate information.

    tags: conditional-access mobile-application-management mobile-apps mobile-device-management office-365-app
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Windows Mobile Android iPhone
  • Rembo

  • BpBatch is a versatile remote-boot processor, that can be downloaded for free from the Web. It can perform a large variety of actions on a computer at boot-time, before any operating system operation has started. Actions performed by BpBatch ranges from partitioning hard disk to authenticating users, including a graphical interface. The main feature of BpBatch is the partition cloning facility, which let you create an image of a computer's hard disk partition and then distribute and install this image on a cluster of PC. »

    tags: image-management pxe-boot
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Tivoli Business Service Manager

  • Provides real-time service visibility and health indicators, business context and impact to support response prioritization. This closely aligns Lines of Business and IT Operations teams allowing collaborative and holistic management of services and dynamic infrastructures such as cloud.Multiple KPI historical time analysis and trackingDynamic visualization of key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-timeReal-time service status calculated against business indicators, not just underlying IT availability and performancePatented, non-intrusive real-time data access layer to leverage existing sources of asset dataReal-time Service Level TrackingOut-of-box business service reporting and chartingGranular user and role permissions to control views and filterMulti-customer role based dashboards with single product instanceExtensive operating system platform supportTight integration with a large host of IBM Tivoli's products and many third-party data sources using patented technologyDirect support to Autonomic Computing by providing real-time insight into the availability, performance, and integrity of e-business infrastructure, as well as the critical business services and processes that facilitate day-to-day business operations.Efficiently works across platforms such as Microsoft, Distributed and MainframeOperating system(s). List the high level operating system families the product runs on. For example: “Windows” rather than “Windows XP”. »

    tags: endpoint-protection endpoint-security moni network-management network-monitoring
    platform: Windows Linux