LetterMeLater.com alternatives

  • Never-Forget.me

  • Never-Forget.me is a delayed messaging service allowing you to compose email messages that remain unsent as long as you click a link, at a recurring interval you specify, to continue to postpone the sending of your message.

    tags: communications messaging notify alert send-it-later
  • Right Inbox

  • Schedule Emails in Gmail To Be Sent LaterRight Inbox integrates seamlessly with Gmail and lets you schedule your emails to be deliveredat a future time

    tags: gmail later
  • SendRecurring

  • SendRecurring is a web based tool for scheduling email and text reminders. It makes it easy to keep yourself or a group of people aware of anything important.

    tags: project-management web-based productivity-tool reminder email-management
  • Snooze Your Email for Gmail

  • Enables you to snooze emails in Gmail.

    tags: todo-manager productivity-tool reminders email-reminders snooze-mail
  • Rebump

  • Rebump sends friendly follow-up messages to your email recipients for you. These automated emails are customized to appear as if you sent the email yourself. You can track and analyze all of your follow-up emails with your Rebump account.

    tags: boomerang email-marketing email-tracking follow-up-mail gmail
  • My Future Self

  • Send emails to your future self and keep a private diary online. Completely free. Send email time capsules to yourself or keep a journal for your kids.

    tags: journal diary online-diary private-journal private-diary
  • Laytr

  • Laytr is the easiest way to defer emails. It lets you schedule outgoing correspondence, snooze incoming e-mail and set reminders of important messages.

    tags: getting-things-done reminders send-it-later recall snooze
  • mailreminder.net

  • Mailreminder.net is the product of some of my own frustations with trying to remember stuff during the day. I have tried numerous todo list apps and websites to keep up with requests that end on my inbox. I have tried numerous "read it later" services for news and articles that I read during my breaks.

    tags: todo-manager productivity-tool reminder reminder-service
  • MailFred

  • MailFred let's you temporarily archive and set reminders for GMail. Mails will come back to your inbox when you need them.And the best: MailFred serves you for FREE.

    tags: gmail firefox google-chrome
  • NudgeMail

  • Write or Forward any email to NudgeMail. You can set reminders by the minute, hour, day, month, or year!

    tags: email-reminder