Kahoot alternatives

  • Go Pollock

  • Go Pollock is a solution for teachers that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on students’ level of understanding. Create great questions, engage everyone, improve understanding. No registration required to see how it works!- For students, available in 15 languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, Russian, Turkish, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Estonian, Finnish, Norwegian & Bulgarian).- For teachers, available in 6 languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish & Ukrainian).- No student registration required: students simply join by entering a code and providing a name!- Teacher-paced: show and hide single questions and solutions as needed!- Use 'Collaborative Challenges' that allow you to project fun and dynamic narratives that unfold as your students answer during the session.- Create different Question Types: Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, True or False, and Free Text Questions!- Organize, duplicate and merge your Questions into Questions Sets as needed - absolute flexibility!- Add as much additional information to your questions as needed; no limit!- Include mathematics notation in your Questions with LaTeX support!- Include images in your Questions - by upload or URL.- Export your students results, or review them in the application any time!- Remove students, if needed.- Sort by name, performance or progress! Also, you can hide student names to allow anonymous participation! »

    tags: assessment assessment-tests assessments audience-response browser-based
  • quizshow.io

  • Create your own quizshow

    tags: gameshow quiz quiz-game quiz-maker quizzes
  • MyLittlePoll

  • MyLittlePoll is the best online decision making website. You create anonymously polls and let the community vote. It is fast, free and easy.

    tags: anonymity decision-making polls
  • Socrative

  • Socrative helps teachers engage the class with educational activities to measure and visualize student understanding. In the background, we track student performance and provide analytics to help teachers personalize learning.

    tags: classroom-management clicker classroom-response-system crs
  • Poll Everywhere

  • Poll Everywhere provides text message voting and audience Q&A, straight to your PowerPoint slide. It's the easiest way to gather live responses in any venue: conferences, presentations, classrooms, radio, tv, print — everywhere. It works internationally via texting, web, or Twitter. Our customers include badasses large and small: Google, GE, McDonalds, and countless Kindergarten Idol competitions.

    tags: classroom-response-system customer-feedback polling polling-tool polls
  • Wooclap

  • Wooclap allows you to make polls and offers the possibility for the audience to ask questions. People can participate using of their smartphones, tablets or laptops via internet. For those who don’t have access to internet, participation by SMS is also possible.

    tags: analytics audience-response-system conference customer-feedback event-log
  • Quizalize

  • Quizalize lets you engage your class and deliver instant assessments for personalised learning on any computer, tablet or smartphone. It helps you quickly identify the strengths, weaknesses and learning gaps of individual students and intervene in real-time to give one-on-one help in the classroom.

    tags: educational quiz quizzes
  • TallySpace

  • Painless and Secure Text Message & Online Voting for Live Events, Clubs, Schools, and Elections.

    tags: educational events event-management polls poll
  • Mentimeter

  • Audience engagement made awesomely

    tags: productivity-tool polls poll polling-tool audience-response-system
  • Verso

  • Activate student voice, gain authentic feedback and personalise learning. Use Verso to transform learning in your classroom. Verso’s ground-breaking peer anonymity and research-based workflows foster original thought from all students and nurture true collaboration, while leaving you in control.

    tags: educational quiz polling-tool classroom-response-system crs
  • IQ Polls

  • IQ Polls is a live web based audience response service. Interact with your audience during conferences, seminars and trainings. Simply add polls to your presentation, publish them and get feedback in real time.

    tags: real-time polls presentation quiz voting
  • Annotate.net

  • iOS + Android Screen Mirroring, Digital Mobile Interactive Whiteboard, Real time Student Response System, Remote Desktop Control, Presentation creation, Screen Cast recording, and Student collaboration come together in this cloud based feature rich application.

    tags: airplay chromecast chromecast-receiver classroom-response-system formative-assesments
  • Meeting Pulse

  • Live audience interaction platform used by Fortune 100 companies globally for meetings and events. Features include real-time audience polling, Q&A, surveys, quizes, raffles, all available in anonymous mode.

    tags: attendee-feedback attendee-management audience-engagement audience-interaction audience-polling
  • feedbackr

  • There are multiple fields of application where feedbackr can be used: events, panel discussion, for lecturing, in companies for meetings and decision making, workshops, keynotes etc.

    tags: audience audience-engagement audience-interaction audience-polling audience-response