Juqster alternatives

  • BeatSense

  • Crowd-driven music discovery! The easiest way to enjoy & discover great music.

    tags: collaborative-playlists dubtrack.fm grooveshark music-player music-streaming
  • RollingTune

  • Listen Online your Favorite Tunes

    tags: biography discography lyrics mp3 music-collection
  • noidd.com

  • Enable users to share music and videos LIVE with others people on customizable channels. Have a real musical conversation with friends or strangers, and discover new tracks!

    tags: french internet-radio live-broadcasting live-streaming music-discovery
  • musiqpad

  • Musiqpad is a social-music software platform for users to host their own ‘pads’ (rooms). Each individual pad will do the hosting and you will be able to connect your pad to a central lounge (lobby) to allow other people to join and jam with you.

    tags: Discontinued dubtrack.fm internet-radio music-discovery music-streaming
  • Jukebox.today

  • Jukebox is a social media player that lets you create a collaborative music room in seconds. Share songs across limitless people, devices and speakers, whether they're in the same room or halfway across the world.

    tags: music-discovery music-player music-streaming music-with-friends share-music
  • JQBX

  • Play music together. JQBX is a turn based music service. It's the best way to discover new music and jam out with your friends.

    tags: internet-radio music music-discovery music-streaming social-network
  • Lisn

  • The best music comes from personal recommendations. Don't just send links to your favorite songs — Play them for friends live! Lisn lets you play your favorite tracks for your friends in real time while chatting. It's a fun way to exchange music and experience it together.

    tags: chat-clients messaging music-discovery music-streaming playlists
  • dubtrack.fm

  • Dubtrack.fm is a social DJ site where users can share and discover the latest and greatest by tuning in to user-generated playlists created by music lovers from all over the world.

    tags: music-discovery music-player music-streaming social-network
  • Muzzic.net

  • Muzzic.net is a free website giving you the possibility to create your own webradio.Based on comunity broadcast, the goal is to share music, listen to new kind of styles, share playlists, ...

    tags: broadcasting community-based music-streaming webradio-service
  • Heartbeat

  • Heartbeat is a Mac menubar app that lets you enjoy Spotify music together with friends in real time.

    tags: music music-with-friends
  • Liyo

  • Liyo is a live streaming app that lets you enjoy music and videos with friends. Play music and content from YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud, inviting friends to your own live channels or joining theirs.

    tags: music music-streaming music-with-friends social-network
  • Parallel.fm

  • Parallel.fm lets you listen to Spotify music with friends.

    tags: Discontinued listen-to-music music-discovery music-streaming music-sync