iwScanner is a wireless scanner for linux with an easy to use graphic interface.

iwScanner alternatives

  • Wireshark

  • Wireshark is the world's foremost network protocol analyzer. It lets you capture and interactively browse the traffic running on a computer network...

    tags: analyzer network-analyzer network-monitoring network-security network-usage-history
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD
  • inSSIDer

  • Let's face it-- there's SOOO much Wi-Fi everywhere these days, the built-in Wi-Fi tools and free utilities that used to help us understand the Wi-F...

    tags: network-scanner wi-fi-scanning
    platform: Windows Android Android Tablet
  • PRTG Network Monitor

  • An advanced, easy-to-use monitoring solution for your entire network. The software's features include: up/downtime monitoring, traffic and usage mo...

    tags: Portable bandwidth bandwidth-software ethereal ethernet
    platform: Windows
  • NetStumbler

  • NetStumbler is a tool for Windows that allows you to detect Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) using 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.11g. It has many us...

    tags: Discontinued 802.11a 802.11b 802.11g 802.11n
    platform: Windows Discontinued
  • Microsoft Network Monitor

  • Microsoft Network Monitor is a packet analyzer. It enables capturing, viewing, and analyzing network data and deciphering network protocols. It can...

    tags: network-monitoring packet-capture tcp-ip
    platform: Windows
  • SmartSniff

  • SmartSniff is a packet sniffer that capture TCP/IP packets and display them as sequence of conversations between clients and servers. You can view ...

    tags: Portable monitoring sniffing sockets socks
    platform: Windows
  • NetworkMiner

  • NetworkMiner is a Network Forensic Analysis Tool (NFAT) for Windows. NetworkMiner can be used as a passive network sniffer/packet capturing tool in...

    tags: Portable internet-security network-analyzer network-security sniffing
    platform: Windows
  • WiFi Explorer

  • WiFi Explorer is a tool to scan, find, and troubleshoot wireless networks. It can be used to quickly identify channel conflicts, overlapping and ot...

    tags: access-point wfii-scanning wi-fi-scanning wifi-analyzer wireless
    platform: Mac OS X
  • Kismet

  • Kismet is an 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system. Kismet will work with any wireless card which suppor...

    tags: 802.11x intrusion-detection-system network-detection network-detector network-detectors
    platform: Linux
  • Homedale

  • With Homedale you can search for Wi-Fi / WLAN Access Points and monitor their signal strength. Use the detected access points with Google Geolocati...

    tags: network-analyzer network-scanner wi-fi-scanning wifi-analyzer wifi-site-survey
    platform: Windows
  • reaver

  • Reaver implements a brute force attack against Wifi Protected Setup (WPS) registrar PINs in order to recover WPA/WPA2 passphrases. Reaver has been ...

    tags: network-scanner network-security network-utility bruteforce
    platform: Linux
  • WiFi Map — Free Passwords

  • Connect to WiFi passwords for FREE internet access all over the world!

    tags: network-utility
    platform: Android iPhone
  • NETGEAR WiFi Analytics

  • How strong is your WiFi signal?

    tags: network-scanner wi-fi-scanning wifi-analytics
    platform: Android Android Tablet
  • WeFi

  • If youre tired of clicking around trying different Wi-Fi connections to find one that works - You want WeFi.

    tags: wireless wi-fi-scanning wifi-networking
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Windows Mobile Android Symbian S60
  • Packetyzer

  • Packetyzer provides a Windows user interface for the Ethereal packet capture and dissection library. Ethereal is used by network professionals arou...

    tags: Discontinued analyzer sniffing protocol
    platform: Windows Discontinued