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  • Steam

  • Steam is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform developed by Valve Corporation. It is used to distribute a wide range of games and related media entirely over the internet, stretching from one-man independent efforts to some of the worlds most popular games. Steam is set apart from its peers in terms of functionality primarily by its residency in the system tray, and the desktop tasks that the client software performs to make use of that position. »

    tags: achievements community-based computer-games content-delivery digital-distribution
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • (Good Old Games) sells classic PC games through their download service at a low price, without DRM, and updated to run on the latest versions of Windows and other systems.

    tags: achievements cheap community-based content-delivery drm-free
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Origin

  • Origin is your new digital playground. It’s where you go to find the best that EA has to offer.

    tags: digital-distribution download-manager ea-games game-store
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Online
  • Desura

  • Desura is a digital distribution service for gamers, putting the best games, mods and downloadable content at your fingertips and ready to play.

    tags: Discontinued digital-distribution distribution drm-free game-database
    platform: Windows Linux Discontinued
  • GOG Galaxy

  • GOG Galaxy is a game client that allows everyone to play. Optional client, freedom of choice and cross-play.

    tags: digital-distribution game-library-management game-store gaming-platform
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Mod DB

  • Mod DB is the largest website dedicated to supporting independent development of games (user generated game content), including mods, addons and DLC. The aim of Mod DB is to unite developers, players and their ideas, empowering them to shape the games we play.

    tags: addons development forums game-database games
    platform: Online
  • Lutris

  • Lutris is an open source gaming platform for GNU/Linux. It allows you to gather and manage (install, configure and launch) all your games acquired from any source, in a single interface.

    tags: game-database game-library-management games multi-system-emulator steam
    platform: Linux Steam MS-DOS
  • Uplay

  • Uplay is the game client for Ubisoft.

    tags: games ubisoft game-client
    platform: Windows
  • Fanatical

  • Buy awesome games. Pay a fraction of the retail price!

    tags: bundle drm-free games indie-game software-repository
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • The Indie Gala

  • Buy a bundle of games, you decide the price, and support charity in the process.

    tags: games charity bundle indie-games buy-games
    platform: Online
  • Indie DB

  • Indie DB the independent games site. News, insight and media direct from the developers. Powered by ramen noodles.

    tags: addons development forums games mods
    platform: Online
  • Indie Royale

  • Indie Royale is an indie game bundle website that offers up four top-quality indie titles every two weeks for you to purchase at seriously silly prices. All you need to do is pay the price stated - or pay more - and the four games currently featured will be yours to keep forever.

    tags: games indie-game steam deal desura
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online

  • A PC digital games in partnership with game developers and publishers. Pay with traditional payment methods of digital currencies. Games redeem on Steam.

    tags: games bitcoin steam pc-games indie-games
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Steam
  • IndieGameStand

  • IndieGameStand is a different kind of indie gaming bundle and promotional website. Our site is about featuring and promoting a new independent game every 96 hours (4 days) for gamers to purchase at a discounted price. That's a new Pay-What-You-Want game sale every few days. The best part is that any game you purchase will be yours to keep forever and stored in your game wallet on our site.

    tags: game indie-game digital-distribution download-games bundle
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android Android Tablet
  • Groupees

  • Indie games bundles at low price to support charity.

    tags: games indie-game steam bundle indie-games
    platform: Online