iothook alternatives

  • ThingSpeak

  • Open source data platform for the Internet of Things.

    tags: internet-of-things sensor sensors sensor-monitoring
    platform: Online
  • Android Things

  • Formerly known as Project Brillo, Android Things is Google's IoT (Internet of Things) platform to build connected devices for a wide variety of consumer, retail, and industrial applications.

    tags: central-management hardware-monitoring home-automation internet-of-things remote-control
    platform: Android

  • Ridiculously simple data sharing for the Internet of Things.

    tags: business-intelligence communications data-management internet-of-things m2m
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Self-Hosted
  • Xively

  • Xively brings meaning to the Internet of Things through cloud based services that simplify and accelerate the creation, deployment, scaling and management of compelling products and solutions. It is a visualization, collection, and data analysis service for Internet enabled objects.

    tags: paas internet-of-things platform-as-a-service cisco arduino
    platform: Online
  • t6

  • t6 will soon be available via Progressive Web Application (PWA) in order to leverage the User Experience.If you want to get notified about alpha/beta release of t6 on PWA, please contact us via t6 website.

    tags: api flows internet-of-things mqtt object
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android Android Tablet Self-Hosted

  • Let Devices, Applications and even Humans simply post on what's happening to them, what they are feeling.

    tags: sensor sensors internet-of-things sensor-monitoring
    platform: Online
  • Beebotte

  • Beebotte is a cloud platform providing key building blocks to accelerate the development of the Internet of Things and Real time connected applications. Beebotte supports REST, Websockets and MQTT to connect anything and everything in real time.

    tags: backend data-visualization internet-of-things mqtt real-time
    platform: Windows Linux Online Cubieboard BeagleBoard Raspberry Pi
  • Corlysis

  • Corlysis is a platform that helps you with storing and visualizing your time-series data. It is based on InfluxDB and Grafana.

    tags: data-analysis grafana influxdb
    platform: Online
  • IoT-Ignite

  • IoT-Ignite is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) distinctively designed for realization of Internet of Things. Behind the design, there are modern best practices and a unique architecture. Enjoy the development environment with simple UX and UI, while seamlessly integrating your connected devices into your favorite tooling and platforms. Existing IoT Services either send data directly from edge devices to the cloud or pass row data through gateways without processing. In both cases, high volume data traffic is carried between edge and cloud. IoT 2.0 enables meaningful data transfer capability by processing the data inside gateways. »

    tags: android-apps android-things-support backend data-visualization internet-of-things
    platform: Online Kaa Ubidots Xively ThingSpeak
  • thethings.iO

  • Companies developing new IoT currently have a lot to do - design, prototypes, and manufacturing the thing, build the app, and develop the cloud platform to store the data, all from scratch.

    tags: backend data-visualization internet-of-things mqtt real-time
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Chrome OS iPad
  • Ubidots

  • Ubidots accelerates Internet of Things innovation for makers, developers and the enterprise.

    tags: database api internet-of-things cloud-service sensor
    platform: Online
  • Horavue

  • LogFuze’s Horavue is a cloud based IoT visualization software that allows you to store, view and analyze your IoT data, thus paving way for creating innovative solutions and provide analytics.

    tags: arduino-iot data-analytics data-visualization internet-of-things iot-platform
    platform: Online
  • Kaa

  • Kaa is a production-ready, multi-purpose middleware platform for building complete end-to-end IoT solutions, connected applications, and smart products. The Kaa platform jump-starts the development of your IoT product and dramatically reduces associated costs, risks, and time-to-market. Kaa facilitates the data exchange among connected devices, the IoT cloud, data analytics and visualisation systems, and other IoT ecosystem components.

    tags: internet-of-things sensor raspberry-pi sensors arm
    platform: Linux Online