iot-dashboard alternatives

  • Geckoboard

  • Geckoboard is a TV KPI dashboard that helps you and your team stay focused on the KPI that matter and monitor important business metrics.

    tags: analytics big-data business-intelligence dashboard dashboard-widget
    platform: Online iPhone
  • freeboard

  • A damn sexy, open source real-time dashboard builder for IOT and other web mashups. A free open source alternative to Geckoboard. Includes a powerful plugin architecture to create any amount of customization.

    tags: business-intelligence dashboard dashboards metrics open-source-projects
    platform: Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Self-Hosted
  • Castor

  • Create monitoring dashboards and present your data with a gorgeous interface, on any screen, from an iPad to a wall-mounted TV.

    tags: dashboard dashboard-widget dashboards data-visualization kpi-dashboard
    platform: Online
  • ioBroker

  • ioBroker is an integration platform for the Internet of Things, focused on Building Automation, Smart Metering, Ambient Assisted Living, Process Automation, Visualization and Data Logging. It aims to be a possible replacement or extension for software like f.e. fhem, OpenHAB or the thing system by the end of 2015. ioBroker is the successor of CCU.IO, a project quite popular in the german HomeMatic community.

    tags: alexa-integration blockly-editor homematic knx modular-system
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone iPad Self-Hosted Node.JS
  • Node-RED

  • Node-RED provides a browser-based flow editor that makes it easy to wire together flows using the wide range nodes in the palette. Flows can be then deployed to the runtime in a single-click.

    tags: real-time visualization internet-of-things
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Self-Hosted Node.JS
  • Cyclotron

  • Cyclotron is a browser-based platform built by Expedia for constructing dashboards. Built on and requiring MongoDB and Node.js , It provides standard boilerplate and plumbing, allowing non-programmers to easily create and edit dashboards using customizable components. It has a built-in dashboard editor, and hosts the dashboards directly.

    tags: analytics business-intelligence data-visualization dashboard metrics
    platform: Self-Hosted MongoDB Node.JS
  • Corlysis

  • Corlysis is a platform that helps you with storing and visualizing your time-series data. It is based on InfluxDB and Grafana.

    tags: data-analysis grafana influxdb
    platform: Online
  • HappyMetrix Dashboards

  • HappyMetrix lets you create beautiful dashboards, collecting validated data from diverse sources.Cut through the clutter, interpret the numbers and get things done.

    tags: analytics business-intelligence campaign-monitor dashboard dashboards
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Android Tablet iPad
  • Screenful

  • Screenful is a set of dashboards that keeps your team constantly informed of their progress. Get quick overview of your development status by swiping through the screens on your smartphone or tablet. Maximize the feedback that your team gets by installing a large visible display.

    tags: agile performance-analytics project-management scrum software-development
    platform: Online
  • Initial State

  • Securely send time-series data to your account from sensors, devices, software, or anything that can make an HTTPS request. Instantly turn that data into real-time dashboards, waveforms, charts, maps, and even emojis 😎. Keep your data private, share it with friends, or share it with the world.

    tags: analytics business-intelligence visualizing-iot-data
    platform: Online