Quanter is a quick and easy to use mobile analytics system for team sports *Helps to reduce the risk of injury/illness to players *Supports coaches in optimising team/individual training programmes. Quanter automatically collects daily training load and recovery data, provides simple visualisations and advice, and integrates with a range of external technologies. Download and try out for free Quanters comprehensive player/team monitoring system includes the following features:Team Dynamic (players, coaches, staff)Team Scheduling & AttendancesTraining Load MonitoringRecovery Cycle ManagementInjury/Illness & Diagnosis ReportingImmediate FeedbackExpert Sport Science SupportAdvanced service packages are available, including:External Technology Integrations e.g. Heart Rate monitors, GPS trackers, Contact matsBespoke Data Collection & AnalysisPhysical Testing ProgrammesSports Nutrition CoachingMatch & Performance Analysis