Pseudo Bash!

Terminal Functions:Pseudo Bash - The Missing iOS TerminalPseudo Bash can:-Retrieve json payloads - to check/debug webservices-Get at root device info including: memory used/available SSID Uptime Check Network Connectivity-Work within apps filesystem to: Make Directories Make Files Remove Directories Remove Files Move Files Load Files Navigate Directories Print Contents of Directory-Working Obj-C Code Editor (w syntactic coloring) Write Obj-C Code on iOS-SSH SSH into other machines and send commandsPlus: -Can change Console Themes: White on Black Green on Black White on Red Black on White -Change fonts in Console -URL Nav Can navigate full UI webpages (SSL supported) -Email Command line email -WIFI Discover devices connected to wifi network Check network connectivity -MQTT Can test MQTT Brokers and message payloads NETWORK COMMANDS iCloud - allows for downloading of cloud based files ping - Checks Network Connex link|url|s - Navigates to link via web browser whois - gets list of devices on network and total count json|url - Gets json payload bluetooth - Gets available BTLE ssh|IP|usr|pass|command - secure shell connection mqtt|broker|port|tls|auth|usr|pass|topic DEVICE COMMANDS mem - Gets Devices Free Space info - Gets Device Info bat - Checks Battery Status ssid - get network SSID up - gets system uptime APP COMMANDS code - Code Editor +c - Exits Code Editor +save - Saves Code Editor cd|dir - Navigate to Directory mkdir|dir - Make Directory mkF|dir|file - Make File man - List of Commands for App rmdir|dir - Remove Directory rmF|file - Remove File mv|source|dest - Moves File load|dir|file ls - Gets Files in Directory clear - Clears the Console exists|dir|file - Checks if file exists @ path fonts - gets list of avail fonts dark - change theme to black with white text light - change theme to white with black text homebrew - change theme to black with green text special - change theme to white with red text font|fontname|fontsz - change font name & sz email - sends email jdoodle - generates jDoodle Obj C Code Editor