Nitro HTML Pro!

Nitro HTML Pro is a programming editor for HTML and Javascript source files. You can visualize how the resulting HTML page will be displayed in compliant Web browsers. New features:- Syntax highlighting- FTP support- Find/Replace- Open several file types- Open attachment directly from mail- Use links between pages- Additional samplesVersion 2.0:- No ad banner in Nitro HTML Pro- Download an HTML page for edition- Send HTML code as e-mail attachment- Insert tags & code snippets (iOS 5) - Fixed display issues - French localization - Undo / RedoVersion 1.0: - Runs on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad - Portrait and landscape orientations - Graphical output (SVG) supported on IOS 5 - Split view to edit HTML source and visualize page at the same time - HTML view - Page view - Save / edit files - Examples provided: clock, fibonacci, pythagoras, svgrainbow, jqueryanimate, geolocation