"Smart BASIC" programming language!

The most important and valuable application for a long time - ipadstory.ruSmart BASIC is an extension of very popular BASIC programming language. With smart BASIC you can make your own programs directly on the iOS device. Some of its features are:GRAPHICS:- advanced retina-friendly graphics functions- animated sprites with touches, collisions and sprite sheets supportINTERFACE:- buttons, text fields, sliders, switches- support of additional TTF fonts- all interface objects can be grouped in moveable pages- clipboard support- speech synthesizer (for iOS 7 and higher)MUSIC and VIDEO:- playback of MP3, AIFF, WAV, MIDI, MOV and MP4 files- integrated MIDI synthesizer with musical notation, 16 tracks, 128 built-in instruments with support of additional SF2 and DLS soundfontsHARDWARE support:- GPS and compass- accelerometer- multitouch with up to 11 simultaneous touchesFILES:- files and directories functions- possibility to run program from another programNETWORKING:- HTTP commands- programmable browsers- hosts and ports pingingUSER FRIENDLY:- skinnable interface and customizable code editor- built-in documentation for all functions- sample programs to get started- friendly Support Forum to ask questions and to share programsWhen registering at Support Forum anti-spambot password is: iOS.