Keep personal documents always at hand Passport, id card, SSN, bank account, discount card, logins, passwords, bank cards, etc Buy e-ticket for the whole family? Fill out an official form for the state. All the data protected with a password, and the database itself is encrypted with the industry AES-256 encryption, so no one can access it except you You can keep: - Personal documents for you and others (passport, id card, etc); - Logins and passwords; - Secure images; - Contact data (phone, e-mail and address) for different people; - Bank accounts; - Secure notes; - Insurance info; and more KEY FEATURES: - Password protection; - AES-256 data encryption; - Easy-to-use design; - Full Retina display support; - Main documents for you and others (your friends and family or colleagues) always by your side; - Supporting images for documents and other items; - Import photos from photo library; - Take photos directly from the camera; - Call or e-mail directly from the App; - Send documents details or images by e-mail;