iKnox Junior!

Protect your Passwords, Confidential Data, Photos and Files, with the most advanced encryption technologies. You will no longer have to worry about remembering all your Passwords, now they will be instantly available and accessible only to you and nobody else. And if you lose your phone or had it stolen?Do not worry, your data are absolutely protected by multiple encryptions and inaccessible by others without your permission.- Maximum data security with double password, multiple keys, double and triple 256-bit AES encryption;- Increased security with access through fingerprint recognition (Touch-ID);- A protected storage area, the FilesPark, to keep files and images secured using 256-bit AES encryption;- Built-in Scanner to capture text and documents, quickly activated by 3D-Touch;- Maximum flexibility to import and export files, images and data;- Compatible with iPhone and iPad;* In the free version, management of files and database are limited