Download DriveGo, the best application with the most advances technology to catch speed cameras, speed enforcement cameras, radar traps, restricted traffic zones and mobile assisted speed cams when you drive Go in total safety and avoid fines Important note: DriveGo currently works only in Italy. DriveGo warns you in real time when you approach: Speed cameras Assisted mobile cameras Speed cams close to road works Speed enforcement cameras Traffic lights with radar traps Restricted Traffic Zones (such as pedestrian or bike areas, or areas reserved to a limited number of vehicles)When you get close to a device, you get an instant warning holding the distance and the speed limit. If you enable the network, DriveGo will show you the devices map in real time while youre driving Acoustic alert - youre warned by an intense sound alert if you go over the speed limit Visual alert - your screen displays clearly the devices locations as you approach them, including speed limits Parking option - it will record automatically and remember your last parking location Background option - run DriveGo even in background, when in standby or when youre using other applications in foreground Voice option - a guiding voice warns you about distances and limits as you approach a device, in order to avoid distraction Powersave option - smart battery management to maximise your device autonomy Social options - send your location through Facebook, WhatsApp, iMessage, or by email Cloud option - actively participate to the cloud, by creating new locations or rating old ones in real timeWarning: prolonged use of GPS in background may reduce battery life.