Devil Voice!

Experience the craziest and most horrifying real-time voice changing app ever Sound like a DEVIL or cackle like a WITCH with Devil Voice Scare your friends, give your little brother or sister nightmares, and creep out campers Drag the arrow and speak to command Hells Pitch to your will FUN VIDEO EXAMPLES: - Real-time voice changing technology - Record your voice - Retina graphics for iPhone 4 - Supports wide range of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices - Recordings sync back to iTunes (Requires iOS 3.2 or higher) - Email your recordings to your friends (Requires iOS 4 or higher)- The definitive accessory during Halloween and other dress-up events NOTE: iOS restricts when the application can run with other audio applications, so you CANNOT use Devil Voice while running other audio apps, like listening to music or during phone conversations, etc. Suggested accessory for making your voice heard by EVERYONE in a 350 foot radius:Pick-up a portable mini-amp (such as a $20 HoneyTone amp) and your devilish voice will boom across your entire street Seriously awesome for camping and telling stories REGARDING PLAYBACK USING A DEVICES BUILT-IN SPEAKER:We realize that the real-time playback nature of Devil Voice is a new experience for many users, so in response to user requests, we are working on adding a Talk-Back mode to Devil Voice for compatibility with built-in speakers. However, as mentioned above, we are working to add a Talk-Back mode for those who specifically want speaker playback.