Its kind of like the Garage Band of coding. Wired Codea for iPad is a super slick way to write and run programs on your iPad. FEATURES A fully featured 2D and 3D renderer Lots of great example projects to learn from, including games Touch your code: tap colors, images and sounds to adjust them Export your finished projects to Xcode to produce real apps Complete in-line reference documentation accessible from keyboard Intelligent syntax highlighting and auto-completing code editor Import your own assets from Dropbox Full 2D and 3D physics engines for complex motion Add parameters so you can tweak variables at runtime Interact with accelerometer and multi-touch on your device Generate retro-game sound effects GLSL Shader Language support with live shader editor Bluetooth keyboard support and keyboard shortcuts Air Code: code live from your PC using WiFi Much, much moreIMPORTANT INFORMATION Join the forums at to ask questions, share ideas and get help when you need it If you would like to help translate Codea into your language please join the translation effort at If you need help or wish to get in contact with us, please use the support link on this page