Yam Pad Mini - Drawing Tablet!

# Mini version of Yam Pad for iPhone Requires a Mac for Drawing #iPhone as a mini Drawing Tablet for Mac via USB Support Wacom stylus and 3D Touch for various Mac apps for drawing. Zoom or pan canvas by finger gestures on your iPhone while mirroring the whole screen. Key Features:- Wacom stylus & 3D Touch- Zoom/pan canvas for various Mac apps (check the list below)- Fast and secure USB connection- Mirror full screen with Retina resolution- Bluetooth keyboard input from iOS device- Touch Bar simulation (for any Mac with macOS Sierra 10.12.2 or later)Mac Apps compatible:- Photoshop- Illustrator- Corel Painter- Lightroom- SketchBook ProStyli supported:- Wacom (pressure sensitivity, buttons)System Requirements:- iPhones/iPods with iOS 8.0 or later- Macs with OS X 10.9 or later (with USB port)Download app for Mac from: yamdisplay.com/yampad (free)For any questions or suggestions: [email protected]