Wheeler's Treasure!

If you like Wheelers Treasure check out our new Free game Pilot Winds SlideToPlay: Wheelers Treasure is a little roller coaster ride of a game. twitter.com/TwoLivesLeft TouchArcade: Im extremely impressedAppVee: A ton of different gameplay elements and some pretty challenging gameplay.Techulous: So overall a very good game, one that shows not only a lot of polish, but a lot of thought behind it as well as a great design.Featured by Apple in What Were Playing Update Brand new Voodoo Shop Complete graphical update for iPhone 4 Retina display Check us out on Twitter et al twitter.com/TwoLivesLeft youtube.com/TwoLivesLeftGames facebook.com/WheelersTreasure DescriptionDiscover the legend of WHEELERS TREASURE, a spectacular pirate world filled with jungles, treasures, wicked ghosts and more Follow the Cursed Wheel of The Lost Pirate Captain Wheeler through endless randomly generated challenges. Lose all your pieces and its over Packed with Piratey Features Randomly generated world, no two play-throughs will ever be the same Eighteen swashbuckling items to discover in game, each item granting a unique ability Roll past your friends Tombstones to beat their scores Beautiful 2D and 3D graphics from lush jungles to burning volcanic lands and more Hand painted backgrounds and characters, ready for Retina display Amazing Piratey music in five unique soundtracks Splashing water Burning lava Sinking quicksand Unlock 3D scenes that begin to tell the story of WHEELERS TREASURE Online highscores, achievements and more using OpenFeint youtube.com/TwoLivesLeftGames facebook.com/WheelersTreasure twitter.com/TwoLivesLeft twolivesleft.com