Vintage Stereo!

Vintage Stereo is an old fashion HiFi stereo from the 90s. You can listen to your playlist and enhance the sound with the digital sound processing features: the equalizer, bass, treble, loudness, In the vinyl mode, music has the same sound as an old 33 turntable. Now, just grab a cigar, a whisky enjoy :)FEATURES : play music from your playlist- display artists name/song- set brightness of digital display- quickly adjust sound with the bass, treble, loudness buttons- accurately adjust the sound with 16 equalizer bands- control the music (play, pause, stop, next, preview, seek forward and backward)- listen to your music with the old 33 turntable - vinyl mode- save your configuration (eq, vol, bass, bal, trb, )- music continues to play in background- allows the portrait rotation (iPad only)- alert if sound goes in internal or external speakers- 100% core audio, the lowest level sound API on iOS systems- radio and microphone features will be available soon