With more high speed VPN servers in countries: Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, China Open the Web-blocking Facebook, Youtube, Gmail -You suffer from ISPS limit, prevent access to the site please be assured with the same 256-bit encryption VietPN VPN and advanced protocol authentication ensures you can access back to normal the website/address is limited by the network.-Your data are safe switch to high speed servers.-Confidential information such as credit card, password to avoid theft. Accelerate Facebook, Gmail and Youtube:-You frequently encounter network status dropouts to access Facebook, Gmail, Youtube affect work, relationships, now here we will help you speed up access faster and smoother than ever.-Improve your connection speed when you surf the web, watch movies online or on a number of countries (e.g., China)-Accelerate the network even if the broken cable, limited international bandwidth.-Compatible with ADSL, FTTH network to best help reduce ping, packet loss, network acceleration steady, go international line.-Optimize ping to play Online games, open the blocked Facebook, Youtube, Gmail, Mediafire -Receive the incentive GAME of the VNGFeatures support-OpenVPN (UDP/TCP) with multi port options-Filtering/Firewall application-select the application to go through a VPN-Custom ConfigNote: this is not a free Internet application. | You cannot use this app to get free/unlimited Internet.