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BETTER UI & NAVIGATION (New to Apple - Please Review ) U.S. Survival Tools Pro has:* U.S. Military Bases, which are Potential FEMA Camp locations. You bet they are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfkZ1yri26s* U.S. Population Breakdown & Density by State & County (GO WHERE THEY AINT)* U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 3-05.70 of May 2002 (THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SURVIVAL)Chapter 1 - INTRODUCTIONSurvival ActionsPattern for SurvivalChapter 2 - PSYCHOLOGY OF SURVIVALA Look at StressNatural ReactionsPreparing YourselfChapter 3 - SURVIVAL PLANNING & SURVIVAL KITSImportance of PlanningSurvival KitsChapter 4 - BASIC SURVIVAL MEDICINERequirements for Maintenance of HealthMedical EmergenciesLifesaving StepsBone & Joint InjuryBites & StingsWoundsEnvironmental InjuriesHerbal MedicinesChapter 5 - SHELTERSPrimary ShelterUniformShelter Site SelectionTypes of SheltersChapter 6 - WATER PROCUREMENTWater SourcesStill ConstructionWater PurificationWater Filtration DevicesChapter 7 - FIRECRAFTBasic Fire PrinciplesSite Selection & PreparationFire Material SelectionHow to Build a FireHow to Light a FireChapter 8 - FOOD PROCUREMENTAnimals for FoodTraps & SnaresKilling DevicesFishing DevicesCooking & Storage of Fish & GameChapter 9 - SURVIVAL USE OF PLANTSEdibility of PlantsPlants for MedicineMiscellaneous Uses of PlantsChapter 10 - POISONOUS PLANTSHow Plants PoisonAll About PlantsRules for Avoiding Poisonous PlantsContact DermatitisIngestion PoisoningChapter 11 - DANGEROUS ANIMALSInsects & ArachnidsLeechesBatsVenomous SnakesSnake-Free AreasDangerous LizardsDangers in RiversDangers in Bays and EstuariesSaltwater DangersOther Dangerous Sea CreaturesChapter 12 - FIELD-EXPEDIENT WEAPONS, TOOLS, & EQUIPMENTStaffsClubsEdged WeaponsOther Expedient WeaponsCordage and LashingRucksack ConstructionClothing & InsulationCooking & Eating UtensilsChapter 13 - DESERT SURVIVALTerrainEnvironmental FactorsNeed for WaterHeat CasualtiesPrecautionsDesert HazardsChapter 14 - TROPICAL SURVIVALTropical WeatherJungle TypesTravel Through Jungle AreasImmediate ConsiderationsWater ProcurementFoodPoisonous PlantsChapter 15 - COLD WEATHER SURVIVALCold Regions & LocationsWindchillBasic Principles of Cold Weather SurvivalHygieneMedical AspectsCold InjuriesSheltersFireWaterFoodTravelWeather SignsChapter 16 - SEA SURVIVALThe Open SeaSeashoresChapter 17 - EXPEDIENT WATER CROSSINGSRivers & StreamsRapidsRaftsFlotation DevicesOther Water ObstaclesVegetation ObstaclesChapter 18 - FIELD-EXPEDIENT DIRECTION FINDINGUsing the Sun & ShadowsUsing the MoonUsing the StarsMaking Improvised CompassesOther Means of Determining DirectionChapter 19 - SIGNALING TECHNIQUESApplicationMeans for SignalingCodes & SignalsAircraft Vectoring ProceduresChapter 20 - SURVIVAL MOVEMENT IN HOSTILE AREASPhases of PlanningExecutionReturn to Friendly ControlChapter 21 - CAMOUFLAGEPersonal CamouflageMethods of StalkingChapter 22 - CONTACT WITH PEOPLEContact With Local PeopleSurvival BehaviorChanges to Political AllegianceChapter 23 - SURVIVAL IN MAN-MADE HAZARDSThe Nuclear EnvironmentBiological EnvironmentsChemical EnvironmentsAppendix A: Survival KitsAppendix B: Edible & Medicinal PlantsAppendix C: Poisonous PlantsAppendix D: Dangerous Insects & ArachnidsAppendix E: Venomous Snakes & MollusksAppendix F: Dangerous Fish & MollusksAppendix G: Ropes & KnotsAppendix H: Clouds Foretellers of WeatherAppendix I: Evasion of Action FormatGlossaryBibliographyAuthentication* walking dead shtf hunting camping hiking skiing biking backpacking wilderness first aid zombie apocalypse disaster guide economy crash depression police state marshal law commie communist outdoors fishing bugout nwo military crackdown chaos swat posse comitatus gun assault weapon shotgun handgun rifle sniper confiscation outlaw