Most people have mobile numbers, landline numbers (work and home), emails (galore ), Chat IDs(too many to count), Social Media Accounts (FB, Instagram, Linkedin you name it) and more TipeME is about linking them all together under one easy to remember ID which you can hand out to people in place of your phone number and thats just the beginning TipeME is the link between the past and future of how we store contacts - we still cater for your current phone contacts but at the same time let you tap into TipeMEs futuristic solution for how we keep up to date with eachothers contact details. Here are some of our great features:- TipeME ID (Free) Your own personal word or number to hand out in place of your phone number- TipeME Contacts (Unlimited) Add a TipeME contact and always be up to date- Deduplicate Contacts (Free) Automatic Deduplication of phone contacts- Personal TipeME Profile (Free) Profile Photos, phone numbers, emails, social media presences, gallery, audio playback, websites, blurb - all under one central TipeME ID- Contact Points (Unlimited) You Phone numbers, emails, Skype, Viber, Kakaotalk, Facebook, WeChat, Whatsapp, Snap Chat, Kik, Line and more- Contact Point Ordering (Free) Display contact points in the order you wish people to contact you by- Multiple Profile Photos (Free) Add up to 6 active profile images and set a different profile photo for different groups of contacts- Complete Privacy Control (Free) You are in complete control of who sees what about you- Custom Dial Pad Display (Free) Create your own exciting Dial Pad Theme- Custom Hand Preference (Free) Left or Right handers are covered - Select and Send Details (Unlimited) - Custom Dial Pad Sounds (Free) Create your own or use ours- Advanced T9 Dial Pad (Free) Bring you fast and accurate results as you dial- Toggle Grouping Display (Free)- Business Card Transcriptions (Free) Transcription results that will make your jaw drop - Speed Dial / Speed Email (Free) - Alerts (Unlimited) Set reminders using keyboard or voice- Pull Down Widget (Free)- Lock App (Free)- Audio Message Anyone (Unlimited) Send audio messages to anyone- Call Button Expand Menu (Free) Hold down on the call button to access more options- Export Full Contacts (Free) Your contacts belong to you, export them whenever you like- Fully Encrypted Messaging (Unlimited) End to End encrypted messaging. Prices may vary by location.