Tekla Field3D!

Tekla Field3D - the easy-to-use IFC / BIM 3D-viewer. Not only does it open very large models* (2 GB++), it also has many useful and easy functions to view and extract 3D model information. Features View 3D models in multiple formats: .ifc, .ifczip (not XML), .3ds, .obj Very large models load in mere seconds, tested to more than 2 GB Zoom, pan and rotate 3D models Object Outlines and dynamic Shadows to better visualize model geometry and depth Open files from email, file-share or web Sample files included and more can be downloaded Orthogonal view of 3D models - as an alternative to Perspective view Imperial units display option for Property values (feet &inches)For more information, visit: http://www.teklabimsight.com/tekla-field3D, read the manual at http://www.teklabimsight.com/tekla-field3d-manual *For more performance, features, and file formats contact [email protected]: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.