Talking Bruce the Panda for iPad!

Bruce is a funny Kung Fu Kid you cannot miss He shows Kung Fu(nunchakus and more), responds to your touch and swipe and repeats everything you say with a cute voice. How To Play Talk to Panda and he will repeat everything you say with a cute voice. Poke his head, belly hands or feet. Swipe his head to slap him. Swipe his body to turn him around and make him dizzy. Swipe his feet to stumble him down. Bring his bamboo shoots. Pour a glass of orange for him. Let him show his spinning nunchakus. Throw ninja darts to him and can he dodge?Enjoy playing with Panda. Note On devices with slower processor(iPhone 3G, iPod Touch with iOS5), animations may be a little sluggish. There are notifications in this app, but you get the control of on or off.