Surround Speaker Check!

Surround Speaker Check is a fun and entertaining utility to help you set up and enjoy your surround sound audio system With Surround Speaker Check, you can: Verify your system is properly decoding Dolby Digital surround sound audio (used for iTunes HD movies) Confirm your speakers are properly configured Hear and evaluate your surround sound speakers in isolationUses specially produced surround sound music tracks with on-screen visual graphics - no annoying blasts of white noise Designed by guitarist and surround recording artist Jeff Perrin as a means to confirm the integrity of various surround systems while producing surround sound music tracks. NEW As of version 1.2, all surround sound audio files are now presented in higher-quality Dolby Digital Plus format NOTE: Playback of Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound content requires an Apple TV connected to a Dolby Digital compatible home theater system with front and rear speakers.