StealthAssist for V1!

FEATURES- Auto Mute the V1 when driving below a set speed (requires GPS)- Tap anywhere on the display to mute the V1, double tap to unmute- View the frequency (in GHz) of the priority alert- Highly readable display presents critical information at a glance- Customize the display with a wide variety of colors, including a color per band- Fully operational in the background while using other apps- Receive notifications for new threats while in the background (optional)- Play an alert sound & vibration for first detected bogey (optional)- Optimized for performance, including fast connection on app launch- Automatic standby mode conserves power when iOS device is unplugged or V1 is disconnected- Advanced settings: black out the V1 display, always unmute for Ka priority alerts- Supports portrait, landscape, and upside-down display orientationsStealthAssist for V1 is the ultimate drivers companion app. If youre serious about maintaining peak situational awareness on the road, you need StealthAssist connected to your Valentine One. The Valentine One, V1connection LE, SAVVY, and related are trademarks or registered trademarks of Valentine Research.