Stamena - Longer lasting sex kegel trainer for men!

The first app dedicated to training men how to last longer in bed, through two simple exercises you can do anywhere Stamena trains your PC muscle, which makes it easy to stop yourself ejaculating, delays the onset of ejaculation, and even lets you have non-ejaculatory orgasms Other kegel apps, built for women, ignore the most important exercise for male sexual stamina: the reverse kegel Reverse kegels train your PC muscles to relax, making sure that you can slow yourself down during sex. Combine that with regular kegels and youll reach ejaculation slower, and be able to stop yourself at the last minute when you get there. BENEFITS OF KEGELSHeres everything you get by training your PC muscles guys: More intense orgasms Longer orgasms Potential for orgasms without ejaculating, and multiple orgasms Delayed ejaculation and improved ejaculatory control Boosted libido Stronger, fuller erections Increased ejaculatory power