Sound Blaster X7 Control!

Sound Blaster X7 Control gives you complete audio controls, enhancements and customization of the Sound Blaster X7 features for the best music, movies and gaming experience - just like a remote control right in the palm of your hand Advanced Controls- Sound Blaster X7 Control grants you mobile access to a full suite of advanced features that improves your music, movies, gaming and communication experience. E.g. Increase movie dialog levels for added clarity, soften explosions so you wont wake the family, remove ambient and acoustic noise for clearer communication, or turn on Scout Mode to gain an added advantage in game combat Speaker/Headphones Configuration- Easily switch between headphones, stereo or multi-channel speakers- Switch between DSP or Direct Mode playback- Enable high power amplifier output (requires upgrade to high power AC adaptor)Calibration- Adjust position of speakers and the volume level of each channel for best audio listening experienceAudio Profile Customization- Select preset audio profile for Music, Movies or Games- Adjust and fine-tune each settings to suit personal preference- Save/share customized profiles