Share Expenses with Friends!

You go on holidays, abroad, with friends, in family, and you should share the rent of the house, the gas, the food, the visits, ?You go to a restaurant with friends and you should split the bill?Your are co-renter, and you should share the rent, the charges, the food, ?This app. is for you Download-it And enjoy fully all the features that you will not find elsewhere, assembled in one single app - Secured Account- Multi-language (currently English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, but soon more )- Create any type of event where you have expenses that should be shared between participants.- Add your expenses in any currency- Add also any income to share- Define your own split rules applicable after on the various expenses, depending on different criterias (number of people, number of children, duration, ad-hoc split, )- Be notified of others expenses registered.- Let the app. And all changes are instantaneously visible from any participant.