Senior Assist Free!

Senior Assist is an easy-to-use app that has multiple features helpful for both seniors and their care-takers.1) Senior Assist has a medication alarm to remind users to take their medication at the correct time. Senior Assists medication reminder is easy set to up, you can choose the quantity to be taken, times of day to be taken, and even take and utilize a photograph of the medication to help a user differentiate and take the correct medication.2) Senior Assist also has a one-touch HELP button. Features:- Super easy to handle- Reminds you on time, even if your device is asleep- Set multiple daily alarms- Set multiple daily doses- Set medicine type and capture medicine image- See a list of what meds are due today and check them off as you go- Alert your family members/friends with single tap- Edit/delete Contacts for alerts- Alerts show a users current GPS location on Google Maps.