Scanner App for Me!

Scan, print and organize documents from your iOS device You can use your iPhone or iPad to instantly scan and print any written, printed or graphic information, including:- Checks and receipts in order to control your spending;- Contracts for your partners or clients;- Business cards;- Paper notes and mind maps in order to save the best ideas and refer to them in the future;- Pages from books and articles for further reading and analysis;- Texts that do not exist in digital form;- Or any other multipage document for multiple purposes. Moreover, the text recognition function (OCR) allows to copy and send portions of the text from PDF documents.+ Fast and secure scanning +Paper documents of any importance, bills, checks, agreements, invoices, inscriptions on tablets - Scanner Pro will help save them all All files can be saved in PDF or JPEG formats for further work.+ Text recognition technology (OCR) +Any scan can become a text, the parts of which can be selected and copied.+ Share information +Once a scan is made, click Share button to send it by mail, export to the Photos folder or to another app of your choice. Click Print, and the paper version is already printing, or Fax to send the scan by fax.+ PROTECT your files using Touch ID or password.+ SIGN documents right on the screen of your device Create and save one or more signatures and add them to scans at any time.+ FAX any kinds of documents: contracts, agreements, checks, bills, records, schedules, work schedules - all that you need in your daily working life.+ HIGHLIGHT the key parts of the scanned materials with a marker not to lose sight of the most important.